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CINCH Making

In this course, Dana and Tracy will teach techniques that are applicable to building single and double layer straight cinches with woven centers, pony or draft sized cinches, breast collars, as well as how to plan other projects. If you’ve never tied before, that’s ok! We start from ground zero, and build from there. If you have tied before, we have still gotten feedback from both our in person and previous online class that the information was very helpful! We not only go over cinch construction itself, but also cinch fit, saddle rigging considerations, measuring for cinches/breast collars, as well as planning design work.

We go in depth into not just the “how” of cinch making, but the “why” as well. Understanding the reason for the techniques will help build a foundation that will allow you to adapt/improve previous projects, construct a “plan” for new projects, and most importantly will help you find solutions when you hit a roadblock. There is more than one “right” way to do a lot of this- our goal is to equip students with knowledge that will help you be able to make a plan to tackle new things that you, or maybe anyone else, hasn’t tried yet.


Western Ring Making

In this course, Tayte McRae discusses the basics of making a unique handmade ring from sizing to finishing.

In this course you'll:

·Learn how to make a tube setting for faceted stones, a double walled setting for off round stones faceted stones (I.e. oval, cushion, etc) , a basket prong setting and three different styles of flush bead setting

·Learn the technique behind pierced overlays

This is a technical course that shows the how to of making and leaves the design work up to the students creativity. I believe that each piece of work should represent the creativity of the maker and hopefully with some of these new skills more makers will be able to express that creativity.  Happy Making!

- Tayte


Flower Engraving & Simple Bezel Setting

Built upon the fundamentals of engraving, join Nevada Watt Miller in breaking down the techniques behind floral engraving.

You will learn:

·Learn floral engraving techniques

·Practice incorporating flowers into your designs

Looking to incorporate stone setting into your engraving portfolio? In a step-by-step approach Nevada Watt Miller will teach you through simple bezel setting techniques.

You will learn:

·How to measure for a bezel setting

·Practical applications for bezel settings

·Creating a clean and effective bezel setting


Braiding Rawhide Bracelets & Scarf Slides

By building off the basic skills learned in the Intro To Braiding course taught by Scott Gore, this class will expand your skill set and show you everything you need to know in order to start creating your own braided jewelry.

My goal was to not only to show you how to build a couple projects, but to also teach you the skills necessary for you to create your own projects and designs. Although this course focuses on bracelets and scarf slides, there is a heavy focus on learning the skills which you will find extensively useful throughout your braiding journey.  

- Scott


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“Nevada is one of my all time favourite instructors I have had the privilege of learning from! She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet that truly wants to see you succeed in life. I can guarantee you will learn something from her and continue to be inspired through her silversmithing and creativity. She will challenge your business plans and push your creative limits to help you create a business that works for you!”

~ Ann Kusler